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Jim Edwards - Ebook Success Blueprint

We interviewed Jim Edwards on his “ebook success blueprint” and the video is now available for you to watch. ¬†The presentation was super easy to follow, and (as Jim always does so well) Jim kicks your butt to get started making money with our own ebook.

Before the presentation started Jim and I were discussing how we are now back in the “time of the ebook” … for those of you who have been in around in Internet Marketing for a while – ebooks were popular in the early 2000′s (2000-2004) – died of a little in 2004ish and then with the popularity of the Amazon Kindle, ebook sales are skyrocketing! ¬†According to Amazon.com – they are selling more ebooks than physical books!

So, enjoy the presentation – take out a pen and paper – and then make your plan for writing your ebooks!

Click the image below to see the presentation:

Jim Edwards - Ebook Success Blueprint

Jim Edwards – Ebook Success Blueprint


A special thanks to Jim Edwards for this interview – and to my biz partner Greg Cesar for helping to host the interview!