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In this week’s Tuesday’s Tips & Tools we are going to talk about Saving Money, Use Coupons!

As small Internet Based Businesses, we need to save money!  If there is a coupon code out there for the product you are about to buy – why not use it!

There are many different ways to search for coupons codes online.  Here are 2 of the ways that I search for coupon codes:

Option 1. Do a google search (store name + coupon) or (store name + coupon code) (store name + promotional code)  So, here’s an example.  Lets say I was looking for a coupon code for overnightprints.com.  I would go to google and type in : overnightprints.com + coupon code

The results you will get will be a list of coupons on the top coupon sites.

Option 2. Or you can go directly to a coupon site and search on that site for what you are looking for.  Here are the top 3 sites that I like to visit:

Here’s an example of what you can expect to see in one of the top coupon sites.  This screen shot is taken from Business Coupon Club -> What I did was I searched for coupon codes for Overnightprints.com and now it gives me a list of active coupons, the coupon codes, and the success rates for those coupons.  Take a look below:

coupon code, coupons, business coupons, www.businesscouponclub.com

To see this page live click HERE.

So, when purchasing something online, search for coupon codes first!

Saving you money,