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Images are an integral part of doing many things on the web, from creating websites to posting social media content. However, finding high quality, relevant images can prove to be quite challenging, unless you have big bucks to spend on many of the popular stock photo sites.

Thankfully, in recent times, an increasing number of websites offering free images have sprung up, allowing web designers a wide number of image choices to use without worry. With or without attribution, you now have access to thousands of free photos that you can use in all your design exploits. Before you click your heels, however, they all do not offer the same quality. With that said, here are five of the best free stock photo sites that offer high quality images.



Screenshot (88)With over 610,000 images, Pixabay is among the top searchable online portals offering free stock photos. The images are uploaded to the site by people from all over the world and are free of copyrights, as they are released under the creative common public domain license. As a result, you are free to copy, modify, distribute and use all Pixabay images as your own, even for commercial purposes.




Screenshot (97)When it comes on to high resolution, Unsplash ranks right up there with the best stock photo sites. From beautiful landscapes to close-up baby shots, you can find numerous photos to match your web design need. The images are all free to use for whatever you desire, as they are released under the creative commons public domain license, but attribution is required. What’s more, the collection is continuously growing, with 10 images added every 10 days.




Screenshot (98)


Created by graphic designer and artist, Ryan McGuire, Gratisography is also a web designer’s dream. The site is loaded with not only high quality images, but also highly creative and thought-provoking photos you can use for almost any web design project. On top of that, you are free to download and use all images without attribution and for whatever purpose you intend to.



Screenshot (95)Well, the name says it all. There are hundreds of thousands of images to browse through on FreeImages and they’re all searchable to save time. What’s great about this site, is that it is not limited to landscape or people pictures, like most other stock photo sites. You can find images from a wide range of categories to meet your web design need and they are all free to use anywhere. However, you will come across images from time to time that require attribution, so pay attention.



Screenshot (96)With one of the smallest collections of high quality images, Picography is not one to be overlooked. It features a gallery of stunning photos taken by several professional photographers, which allows you access to a delightful collection of images that can suit almost any graphic design need. While not being searchable, its small size allows you to scroll through until you find what you are looking for. All images are free to use; no attribution required.





Pexels is another great site with some creative images! Like these other free sites, there are ads for paid stock photo sites all over.  Pay attention and it’s easy to pick images that are free.  The licence for this site states that ” The pictures are free for personal and even for commercial use.  You can modify, copy and distribute the photos.  All without asking for permission or setting a link to the source. So, attribution is not required.





One of our readers recommended this site –  >  http://monisphoto.com/ There are not a lot of photos on the site but you will definitely find some creative photos that you have not seen anywhere else!  Enjoy!



There are quite a few other free stock photo sites available on the internet but if you don’t have the time to do your own search, this short list will prove more than helpful. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so go ahead…dive in and get creative.


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Online Webinar Service

More and more people are having online meetings these days then ever before. If you are looking for a quick and FREE way to have an online meeting, check out this great resource http://www.join.me

Follow the steps below to get started….

1. Go to http://www.join.me – and click on “Share”, this will install the application on your computer and will go into your Program files.

Online webinar service

Join.me has great features, the expanded list is below. The two features that I think are the biggest benefits of using this service are:

1. You get a free conference line – phone number and a call in code

2. Ability to invite up to 250 participants

online webinar service

2. Once the application is downloaded, it will be installed in your Start menu on your computer. Click on the icon to launch the application.

3. Once you click on the icon to launch the application, you will see the control panel at the top of your screen.

To invite others to join your meeting, simply provide them with the url that shows up in the control panel (in this example, join.me/474-432-577). You now have some cool features that come along with it, like a conference call number, ability to chat, turn screen share on and off and see a list of participants.

(The control sharing option is if you upgrade to the Pro version. )

Online Webinar Service

How can you use this tool in your business?

  • Meeting with a client (especially those that are not tech savy, there are very little steps involved)
  • Need a quick conference call number for a meeting
  • Meeting with team members to review a project

How is this better than screen sharing in Skype?

Someone asked me the benefit of using this over doing a screen sharing session in Skype. The answer is the volume of people that can be added to this meeting. Skype is great to do a screen share with one person, but it can only be used for group screen sharing if you have a Mac.

If you are looking to do a webinar or host an online meeting for FREE, visit http://www.join.me

Note: The only thing that it does not have (that I wish it did), is the ability to record the webinar.



icontact.com autoresponder free edition

Autoresponders… gotta love ‘em!  Now, you know you need to have an autoresponder service but if you are just getting started with your online business you are probably on a tight budget and every penny counts right!?  Well, icontact autoresponder service has a free version that you can use for up to 100 customers in your database.  Once you go beyond 100 you will have to upgrade, but if your list is beyond 100, then you should be making some cash form that list and it’ll start paying for itself!

Now the thing I love about icontact is that they also allow you to import your database.  So lets say that you are keeping your list of clients in an excel file (ouch!), and you are now ready to embrace automation and put them into an autoresponder account.  You are going to have a really hard time importing them into any autoresponder service, except with icontact!  So, if you have a list and need to import them into an autoreponder, this is the solution for you.

Ok, so you want to get right to it and get started right!  Well signing up is easy.

Step 1: go to www.icontactautoresponder.com This will get you right to the free edition!

icontact.com autoresponder free edition

Step 2: Fill in the information and you’re in!  They don’t ask you for a credit card, so sign up is easy and simple.

Step 3: Once you have signed up – click on resources and watch the tutorial videos. You will have all the information you need to get started by watching their tutorial videos, so please take the time to watch them!

Ok, that’s it – start building your list and working on your autoresponder!