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This Tuesday we are not testing any new software, but I wanted to share a great site with you. Since we’ve been doing a ton of traveling lately, I was raking up a bunch of points but all of my points were in different systems that I had to login to different sites and I didn’t know how much I had in each one.

So, I found this site called Points.com and I LOVE it!

The best part is it is not only for Travel, but you can register your credit card points programs and even retail locations like Best Buy.

This is the blurb from their website….

Points.com makes it easy to Trade, Exchange, Buy, Give or Redeem your points, miles and rewards from many of the world’s leading programs. You can manage over 100 of the top loyalty programs, such as Aeroplan®, American Airlines AAdvantage®, American Express® Membership Rewards®, Airmiles, Delta SkyMiles®, Priority Club® Rewards, US Airways® Dividend Miles® and many more all from one convenient location.

Here is what you do to get started.

1. Register with the site, Click Here to register (opens in new window)

2. Enter in your information for the different points programs you have.  It will automatically pull in your points balances and keep them updated in your account.

They have tons of programs in their system from airlines, hotels, financial and retail.

Yo can see mine below, most are airlines and I have some Best Buy rewards:-)

3. After you have your points entered into the system, the next step is to decide what you want to do with them!  You can just keep collecting, or trade, swap or redeem them.

As soon as you login you will see on the bottom of the screen “Earn Opportunities”, this lists people that are willing to trade points based on the points that you have in your account.

Each trade has a fee associated with it (set by the loyalty program). But, if you are trying to get a plane ticket for example and need an extra 1,000 miles, just go to this site and trade miles from another program into the program that you need.

You can do a simple search to see all trade opportunities that are available, and even have the options to post your own trade for others to accept.

You can even  choose to switch between your own programs . For example, I can exchange my 300 Best Buy points for 143 American Airline miles. (not that exciting but just an example)

So, be sure to check out this site, Points.com,  it can come in handy when you need some points!

Have fun

P.S. I am traveling home from Australia to Orlando on points!


Internet Laws: How to Protect Your Business Website Without a Lawyer

Today we are going to review a book by attorney Mike Young, that I’ve read more than once, Internet Laws: How to Protect Your Business Website Without a Lawyer.

Internet Laws: How to Protect Your Business Website Without a Lawyer

Here is my review (I also posted this review on Amazon for the book):

A must have for ALL Internet Businesses”

This review is from: Internet Laws: How to Protect Your Business Website Without a Lawyer (Paperback)

Mike, Thanks for this book! This is a must have for everyone doing business online. It was so well written and easy to understand. I already use all of your tools to make sure I have the right legal information on my websites, now I understand more of why I need them and what I need.

The Internet is no longer the wild west .. we can’t just put up any website anymore.. we have to know what disclaimers, policies and protection we need on those websites. Anyway, every partner I work with and the consulting student I work with – I require them to get this book! If you are doing business online – grab this book – now! Don’t wait until you’re in ‘trouble’ -> learn what you need to do now!

If you want a sneak peak into the book – watch this video:


So, in summary, if you have a website, please learn as much as you can about protecting yourself, your content and your business by grabbing Mike Young’s book by clicking HERE.


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This weeks “Testing it Tuesday” is focused on List Building!

As Internet Marketers, I know you’ve heard over and over, “The Money is in the List”….but how do you get that list?

The first step is to register for an autoresponder service. The one that we recommend is www.automateyouremails.com.

The next step is to integrate the autoresponder into your website or blog. Ok, so how do you do that?

Well, there are quite a few plugins that have been popping up lately that have a bunch of bells and whistles…so, we picked one and tested it out and love it!

The plugin is called Premium List Magnet and it costs $67. Check it out in action below.

(click on the icon in the bottom right of the video to make it full screen for clear viewing)

Premium List Magnet a thumbs up from us!  Now, we need to add it to this blog :-)

To order or find out more about Premium List Magnet, click HERE.