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Whether you’re a social media manager or brand manager, making a mark on Twitter can be hard work. Thankfully, there are a number of tools that can help you get the most of your Twitter marketing efforts without taking up too much of your time.

However, there are numerous Twitter tools, some of which do the same thing, so you may end up feeling confused. Not to worry, though, here are five of the best Twitter tools that are used by experts to get the best out of the social media network



If you manage several different pages across various social media platforms, HootSuite will work wonders for you and it is not only for business purposes. It allows you to manage, update and streamline all your pages from one dashboard. As it relates to Twitter, you can post directly to pages, schedule tweets as far ahead in the future as you want, and even send private messages. Additionally, you can create virtual organization assignments on HootSuite to make it easier to collaborate with team members on marketing campaigns and other projects, and there are several analytical tools to help you create reports about campaigns.

HootSuite is entirely free to use if you’re managing five pages or less, but you will need to purchase a pro package if you want to manage an unlimited number of pages and unlock a number of other cool features.

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bitlyFor various reasons, you may need to shorten a URL, especially since Twitter only supports 140 characters per tweet. However, Bit.ly provides much more than a quick and easy way to shorten any URL. It also allows you to share those links across multiple Twitter accounts and track how well they are performing. You can also get analytical information on Bit.ly links shared through other Twitter tools, such as TweetDeck.

Bit.ly is free to use; once you sign up, you get a dashboard that you can link all of your Twitter accounts to. Furthermore, you can use the tool to create your own custom shortened domain name to match with your brand name and personality, making it easier for people to recognize your links.

Click Here To Learn More About Bit.ly


tweetdeckSimilar to HootSuite in that it allows you to post directly to multiple Twitter accounts and schedule tweets, TweetDeck packs a powerful punch as a desktop app or browser tool. On top of that it is a great tool for people who want to make their tweets longer than 140 characters. It does that by creating a shortened URL which can be clicked on to read the rest of a tweet that extends beyond 140 characters.

If you use multiple computers, you don’t have to worry about downloading TweetDeck on them all; simply use the web version, which can be easily accessed across all your computers with no fall off in efficiency. It is free to use too.

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socialoomphThis is another cool tool that can be used to enhance your productivity and efficiency as a social media manager handling multiple Twitter accounts. Like TweetDeck and HootSuite, you can use SocialOOmph to schedule tweets and monitor activity on each page. However, it offers additional features that can prove useful, including the ability to track the performance of keywords, view mentions and retweets, and save drafts for future use/reuse. You can also use it to clear your message inbox or to remove all tweets from your account if needs be.

SocialOomph is free to use for up to five Twitter accounts. You will need to upgrade if you’re managing more profiles or want access to other cool features.

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mentionWith Mention, you can keep tabs on anything relevant to your Twitter marketing needs, so you can leverage your own efforts. Similar to Google alerts, you can use it to monitor content on the internet related to influencers, your competitors, and your own brand footprint. If you need to find people online to partner with as part of your marketing strategy, Mention can help you to do that. You will be sent alerts on any article or activity posted to websites and other social media networks, so you always know what’s up.

In addition, you can generate reports on how well a tweet is doing, the impact of a keyword or hashtag, and also reports on content matching yours. Mention is also free to use but there are premium packages which provide you with more features.

Click Here To Learn More About Mention

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Export Your Facebook Page Data

As I was pulling together some data for my clients, I wanted to share with you how you can pull together your Facebook Page Data.

Step 1: Make sure you are logged in as your page.

Step 2: Click on Insights

Step 3: Click on Posts – then Export.

Step 4: In Export Insight Data – choose what you would like to export.

Under Data Type you have the opportunity to grab:

1. Page data: Key Page metrics for engagement, like sources and audience details.

2. Post data: Key post metrics for reach, impressions and feedback.

3. Video data: Key video metrics including views, unique views, paid views and organic views

Step 6: Analyze the data that comes to you and use excel to create some cool charts and graphs!


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Facebook Year in Review

Ok, so you’ve seen your newsfeed full of these “Year In Review” albums and you want to create your own. Well I created mine and here’s how you can create and customize your own!

Step 1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/yearinreview

Step 2:Review what Facebook put together for you and then scroll to the bottom and click on “Customize” Remove photos of your ex and the events you don’t really want to remember = )

Step 3: After you are done customizing, click Share! You can edit the general message that they write for you … and then click on the blue button titled: Post.

Step 4: That’s it! Enjoy. You can see my year in review on my page: https://www.facebook.com/aliciarosettalyttle

Share your Year in Review with my by posting a link to your page in the comments!

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How to Create the Perfect Photo Collage for Your Social Media Posts in Under 4 Minutes

When creating graphics for social media, I run to free tools online to create the perfect image and effect quickly.  One of my favorite tools is picmonkey.com.  Here are the steps to getting started with this free tool.

Step 1: Go to Picmonkey.com  and sign up for a free account

Step 2: Click on collage

Step 3: Pick the type of collage you would like to use. Click around there are some very cool layouts you can choose! In this example I picked the L-egant layout

Step 4: Click on the Photos Icon and upload photos and then put them in the position you would like them in the collage. Play around with it – you will notice that you can change the size and positioning of the photos once it’s placed on the collage.

Step 5: Once you have all the photos in the position you want them in, click Edit.

Step 6: It will now open up the Editor tool where where you can add overlays, text, add shapes and more. Click on “Open in Editor.”

Step 7: Play around with the editor tool. There are a ton of of ways you can get really creative with your photos! NOTE: When you see a crown next to the one of the features you would like to use – that crown symbolizes that in order to use that feature you have to upgrade your account. I upgraded my account – and it was worth it. At the time of writing this, it is $33 a year or $4.99 a month to upgrade to get the premium features.

To sign up for a free Picmonkey account, click here: FREE PICMONKEY ACCOUNT

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merge facebook pages

So, I had two Facebook pages for my company. One was a regular page and one was a places page. It was causing some confusion so I set out ot merge the two pages and it worked! Now here are the instruction on how you can Merge Facebook pages:

Please note that in order to do this you:

  1. Must be an admin of both pages
  2. The 2 pages are for the same thing
  3. The pages are named the same thing ( or are very similiar)
  4. If your pages have physical locations, the address is the same.

The following will be combined:

  1. People who like your page
  2. Ratings
  3. Check-ins

The following will be deleted from the page you merge:

  1. Posts
  2. Photos
  3. Username

The page you want to keep will remain the same except that:

  1. The page likes from the merged page will be added to this one
  2. Ratings from other page will be brought to this one
  3. Check-ins from the other page will be brought to this one

What to keep in mind:

  1. The page you are merging ( the one you dont want to keep) will be removed form facebook.
  2. You won’t be able to un-merge.

Step 1: Visit: https://www.facebook.com/pages/merge/

Step 2: Choose the pages you which to Merge

Step 3: Confirm Merged Pages. Make sure you read the terms before you click confirm!


Step 4: Click “OK”

That’s it! Your pages are merged!