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Now, what we just covered were the two options to find a team member, someone who will work for you part time or full time.  Now we are going to talk about outsourcing projects or one time jobs.

There are many sites that allow you to post the job you need to get done and people will bid on doing that project for you.

Here’s the list of the sites we use.

1.  http://www.hireonodesk.com

2. http://www.elance.com

3. http://www.guru.com

We recommend that you look at each one and register for them – it’s free.  Then explore which one is best for what you are trying to accomplish.


Ok, now I’m about to reveal to you a site that I’m totally addicted to .. are you ready (drum roll please …. ) ->  http://www.fiverr.com/

Tada!  Now if you use fiverr.com you know why I am addicted! If you haven’t used it before it’s a site that you can use to find jobs that people will do for you for just $5 .  And yes people will do just about anything for $5!

Now, before you go crazy on this site, let me give you a little insight on how I use it effectively.

Ok.. here are the steps:

Step 1: Search for the tasks you’d like to have done.  for example ‘article writing’  Click the search button.


fiverr, fiverr.com. outsourcing






Step 2: Once the results pop up you’ll see the option to sort them by Auto , Popularity, and Ranking.

Fiverr, fiverr.com, outsourcing







Step 3: Sort by Popularity and review the results on the first page, then sort by Ranking and review the result on the first page.









Step 4: Now you can review the people that are ranked the highest for ‘article writing’ and hire accordingly.  Looking at ranking will give you the people that have the best feedback and are really dedicated to delivering good value to their clients.  Everyone will have some negative feedback, so read the feedback, look for a rating of 95% positive or higher and your chances of having success with this person will be very high!








Caution: Fiverr.com is addicting!  I’ve hired people to do all sorts of tasks! I’ve also bought handmade things that they will ship (for an extra fee)  yes mom , that hand painted tile I sent you – that was from fiverr.com!  = )

So, if there are tasks in your business that you know would be better to outsource – do it!  Let me know how it goes by coming back here and posting a comment!  Any questions? … post a comment and I’ll help you = )

To your success,

Alicia Lyttle

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Now that you know you can find people to outsource your tasks and projects to (and we’ll cover this more in-depth in part 3) and you know that you can even have a full time person on your team for a very affordable price, lets look at some of the things you can outsource.

But before you review the list – let me tell you about some unique things we’ve outsourced! 

Handwritten Thank You Cards

One year we wanted to send out thank you cards to every affiliate and customer in our business.  The list was so large that we didn’t want to do it myself and knew we wouldn’t get it done - so we posted a job on www.elance.com for someone to write cards. 

Those that applied scanned in handwriting samples, and we picked the one that we liked the best. Next, we bought cards in bulk from a site called http://www.dollardays.com/, and shipped those over to her along with stamps and an excel sheet of people to send cards to and whala!  People had handwritten cards arriving in their mailbox, and we got lots of “Thank You’s” for taking the time to send them :-)

Welcome Calls to Clients

We have also hired someone to make welcome calls to clients.  For one of our specific projects, we hired someone to call every new client within 24 hours of joining our program.

The purpose of the calls were to give a friendly Welcome call, explain the program to them again and what they can expect and where they can go for support. 

In addition to the Welcome call, we also had her do “check-in” calls at specific times during the program to ensure the clients were progressing and happy with the program.  

When doing a project like this, you can hire the person on a per call basis, therefore you don’t have to spend the extra money for a full time person.  

So, when you are looking to outsource, you can look at it in two different ways

1 – How can you use outsourcing to grow your business?

2 – How can you use outsourcing to stand apart from your competition?

Now lets look at some other tasks that you can outsource….

63 Tasks That You Can Outsource To Help Free Up Your Time to Grow Your Business For Maximum Profits


1. Target market, obtain a list of companies or individuals, prepare and e-mail/mail preliminary materials.

2. Possible advertising alternatives.

3. Software options: make sure of the compatibility, pricing and accessibility.

4. Quotes for conference facilities.

5. Project schemes and manage the projects from start to finish.

6. New office equipments and supplies and arrange the purchase.


7. Upload blogs and monitor comments.

8. Suggest social media content ideas.

9. Update Twitter profile and followers.

10. Create a Facebook Fan Page for the business.

11. Write or revise endorsement articles and post online.

12. Produce and uphold online contests and giveaways.

13. Research and obtain promotional items.


14. Arrange appointments.

15. Maintain daily calendar.

16. Organize travel reservations.

17. Check voice mail, take action to routing requests and get in touch with clients that have significant messages.

18. Confirm sales for the week.

19. Complete routine paperwork each day.

20. Duplicate files of the computer for safe-keeping and back-up.

21. Order office supplies.


22. Coordinate the hiring of office staff, from writing the announcement, placing the ad, receiving and reviewing resumes, and conducting the initial interviews.

23. Update client to have the annual performance reviews.

24. Confirm references on employment applications.

25. Create quarterly and annual payroll forms.

26. Make tax deposits after each pay period.


27. Transcribe recordings.

28. Transcribe tele-class recordings and email to all participants.

29. Take transcript over the phone, transcribe and prepare the message.


30. Pay online bills and invoices regularly.

31. Settle bank accounts using accounting software on a regular basis.

32. Update clients of impending bill due dates.

33. Prepare and send invoices.

34. Create expenditure reports.

35. Follow up through phone to collect on past due charges.

36. Mail past due notices.


37. Produce and set up employee and project manuals.

38. Organize survey to get responses regarding customer satisfaction.

39. Organize survey and tally the outcome following an event.

40. Create a PowerPoint presentation with an outline of diagrams and charts.

41. Encode handwritten meeting notes or minutes.

42. Type, edit, print and send messages on client letterhead.

43. Layout and check reports and documents.


44. Check website traffic, ad placements and suggest modifications.

45. Process subscription requests.

46. Make adjustments to update client website.


47. Sort incoming e-mails.

48. Reply to routing requests.

49. Forward important items.

50. Update e-mail while client is on vacation or on business trip.

51. Update the client on how to utilize their email software program effectively.


52. Collect and review postal mail.

53. Process, prepare and mail orders.


54. Send proposal letters to new potential clients.

55. Send standard marketing resources.

56. Update marketing program for results and alterations.

57. Confirm database via phone prior to arranging a direct mailing campaign.

58. Encode collected business cards into the in-house database.

Desktop Publishing

59. Design & prepare membership certificates.

60. Design and prepare flyers and handouts.

61. Design and print or order business cards.

62. Design and print brochures.

63. Prepare and send a periodical newsletter with client-provided materials.

This list is courtesy of:



~ Alicia

P.S. Of course any of these tasks that you outsource to your virtual assistant… you could offer that same service to your clients and your virtual assistant performs the service for the client on your behalf!

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In 2003 I learned the art of outsourcing from my sister Lorette Lyttle, and I’ve been addicted ever since.  In today’s blog post you will learn where to find people to outsource to and to start building your team, how to outsource projects, and how to outsource small tasks.  So, lets get started!


So a great place to find people to outsource your work to is in the Philippines.   There are two ways you can outsource to the Philippines.

Option #1: You can find someone to work for you by going to the “monster.com’ of the Philippines which is http://www.bestjobs.ph/

You can find some excellent people here – but a word of caution -> you will be hiring and managing these people yourself!  This can be extremely challenging if you have never outsourced before, if you are unfamiliar with the culture of the Philippines or are not sure on how to train your new team member – this option can be a bit challenging!  if you are good at outsourcing and good at managing your team – then this would be a good option for you to explore.

Option #2: You can use a company that you hire and manage your team through.  The most respected company doing this is: http://www.hire123employee.com Read their website.  Basically they manage and train your team member for you.  They give you the tools to monitor that person, there is a manager responsible for the activities of that person and they all report back to you!  You’ll feel more in control, there is a lot less hassle and stress when doing it this way, and you’ll get some experience in outsourcing and working with a team member.  I recommend this option to anyone new to outsourcing, but as you’ll notice on their webpage, large companies, small businesses and home based businesses use this company.

Tomorrow we will discuss how to outsource projects.

To your success,

~ Alicia Lyttle