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Lorette and I are did 2 free webinars to teach you how to register you domain name and build a blog before Easter

Here’s an overview of what we covered

Webinar 1 - Wed, April 20th – 8pm EST

Understanding Domain Extensions and Exploring New Extensions That Can Grow Your Business and Your Brand & the Extra Tools That Can Help Expand  Your Business !

  • Discussing the oldies but “goodies” – .com, .net, .info, .org,
  • Discussing the newest domain extensions – .me, .co, .mobi, .tv
  • Examples of other businesses and their uses of various extensions
  • Learn about to protect your privacy from fanatic fans
  • Learn how to get real time statistics and how to use the knowledge as power
  • Learn about a great tool that will analyze and show you how to fix it for optimal search engine visibility

Webinar 2 – Thursday, April 21st – 8pm EST

How to Quickly and Easily Set up Your First WordPress Website for The Non-Technical Person

  • Getting your domain name
  • Getting your hosting
  • How to connect the two so they “talk” to each other
  • Easy one step wordpress installation
  • How to make your new website “yours”

The replays will be posted soon!

Thanks to all who attended!


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My sister Lorette and I went into a sushi restaurant and noticed some nice sushi chopsticks boxes on the wall.

When we asked our server about the boxes he told us that the owner notices repeat clients and gives them one of these boxes with their names on it.  They get to see their name on the box, the explain to them how these chopsticks are special and how they hand wash them and that they will be placed on the wall until the next time they return.

Of course these repeat customers now feel special, they are acknowledged as “VIP’s” – and when they bring friends into the restaurant with them – they proudly tell the server they’d like their VIP chopsticks!


What are you doing to make your customers feel like VIPS?

What are you giving them to keep them coming back to you?

What are you giving them as a VIP so they bring their friends to you to brag about their VIP service with you!

Look for opportunities in your business to create VIP experiences!



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Jamaica holds a special place in my heart. First my father is from Jamaica and we’ve been traveling to Jamaica since we were young. But only until the the last few years have I been looking at Jamaica through different eyes…

I took some time to not visit as a “tourist” but I spent some time learning more and getting to know the economy, the people and the opportunities – and it was disheartening with what I learned.

The biggest shock to me was that a college graduates average salary is $425 USD a month, yes, a month… that was not a typo.  A friend of mine works at a local grocery store and makes $50 a week, for full time work, that is $200 a month.

Keep in mind, the cost of living there is not that much different than the states. You would think that with such low salaries, it would be dirt cheap to live there, but its not, a lot of things cost just about the same.  yes you can rent rooms or live in tin homes for cheap… but.. it’s not necessarily a cheap place to live.  If they want to buy anything, they save their money for months if not years.

If you’ve ever been to one of the resorts there, the average resort worker makes about $350 a month. If you’ve been to one of the resorts, you’ve probably met the guys there that are selling tour excursions, they only make about $3 commission on each sale, with no base salary. Talk about pressure to just eat for the day! The top sales person makes about $300 a month.

I could go on forever with examples….

So, my sister and I decided that we wanted to do something about it. So, about 2 months ago we went to Jamaica and did a 2 day workshop teaching people who don’t even know how to copy and paste – to having a fully functioning website at the end of the second day.

I can’t tell you how rewarding and amazing that event was.

Well, I am back in Jamaica this weekend and doing follow up sessions with the group. We are hoping to get them started on the Internet with freelancing opportunities. They are a very skilled bunch, and the opportunities in Jamaica are just so limited.  we truly believe that if the people of that country are going to change their financial future, they will do it leveraging the power of the internet and a global economy!

It will be Internet Entrepreneurs that change the country.. you just wait and see…

Anyway, we will keep you posted and share with you some of the success stories!

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We recently came back from an amazing event in Arizona hosted by GoDaddy!

Check out the cool picture below with myself, my sister and Bob Parsons – the “man” over at GoDaddy!

Alicia Lyttle, Lorette Lyttle & Bob Parsons at the GoDaddy resellers event!

This company just blew me away….

First, they have some much going on over there, they truly are innovative, fast moving and front runners of the domain registrar business. Oh.. and of course.. they are #1 !!

One thing about them that really, really impressed me was how fast they reacted when giving feedback.

For example, they had their SEO guy there and people were asking him lots of questions as he was walking around the group.  Then the Vice President ask us what do we think of the
speaker lineup and we suggested that the SEO guy should have done a presentation – he said ok great.

The next morning guess who was a speaker – the SEO guy!

It was funny, because he said “I was asked to speak this morning…so I am” LOL

We also had other suggestions, and within 2 months the suggestions were implemented.

The only thing they didn’t do is “toot their horn” enough.

In our industry, sorry to say, but there are lots of people out there who just don’t “deliver” but, all I can see is GoDaddy really delivered and over-delivered!

Now, the reason we were there is that we are domain resellers. Our account is called www.DomainDiving.com - so it is our account powered by the bid dog – Godaddy.com.

We have all the same services, all the same customer service, all the same technology and man power, but we’ve customized and tailored our offerings specifically for our clients.

We know what you need, we know what you want, we know what to deliver to you…so that’s what we are going to do!

But first, check out our blog – it is full of information on domains – bet you didn’t know there was so much to learn!

Domain Diving Blog – www.domaindiving.info

Happy learning – and I’ll be back with more to share on our trip hanging out with the GoDaddy crew.


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Alicia Lyttle

Hey everyone .. finally my new blog is in progress!  I’m working on making it look good … and then I’ll start writing!

Thanks for stopping by …