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In today’s edition of Turning Your Knowledge into Profits we are going to talk about selling things you make.  That’s right – if you can make it with your hands, there is a place online that you can sell it.

A friend of mine named Jennifer used to work for us, but on the side she had her “passion business”.  She was a mom of two boys who loved to be superheros.  She made them capes so that they could live out their fantasies of saving the world! What she quickly found out was that other kids wanted those superhero capes, and their parents were willing to fork out money to make their kids superhero’s as well. So,  Jennifer started a business as a superhero cape maker!  To reach an even bigger marketplace she found a place online where should could sell her superhero capes. That place is called: Etsy.com

Etsy.com is an online marketplace that allows you to sell your handmade/homemade items, vintage items (vintage is defined as anything that is 20 years or older) and anything that would fall in the arts and craft category. If you can make it… sell it!

etsy.com, make money with handmade items, home based business

Is it hard to get started with Etsy.com?

Getting started with Etsy.com is quick and easy. The only requirements for opening a store are a computer and a valid credit card. You do not need to worry about downloading and installing complicated software. Everything on Esty.com is simple and easy to use and there are a number of guides on how to maneuver the Etsy website.


How to get started?

To get started all you need to do is to register an account and create a username which will only take a few minutes. With Esty.com you are able to create a customized shop with your very own profile, banner, shop policies and much more. In addition you will also be given your very own url.

Are there any charges to opening a shop?

Owning a shop on Esty will not incur a fee be it monthly or otherwise. The only fees that you will ever pay are a listing fee (that is currently set at 21 cents each product listing) and a 3.5% fee on all goods sold. As one can see these are some of the lowest fees that one can find.

How do you get paid on Etsy.com?

With Etsy.com you have a wide range of options for getting paid for your services. You may choose one or more of the following payment methods: personal checks, money order, PayPal, bank transfer or other.

How to make money on Etsy.com?

Making money will begin with you opening your very own store and getting your homemade items sold. It’s that simple. Also if you check out their blog you will see how people like you have turned their passion into profits and their creativity into cash. In fact even if you are not creative but have a collection of vintage items simply list them and profit. IDEA: If you know someone who does make handmade items, team up with them to help them sell their stuff and you collect a percentage of the sales!

So, what’s your first step to getting started?

Go to the Etsy.com homepage and click on register.

Then click HERE to read more about setting up your shop and selling your stuff!

Good luck, have fun and make money Turning Your Knowledge into Profits!


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UPDATED on 1/18/2012

This post originally provided a review of a system called fbresponse. It was released at the World Internet Summit in London and I put it to work!  It went of the market for a while, but it’s back now – and even better.  Check out the product by clicking HERE.

So, fbresponse is a system that allows you to create an optin page very quickly and easily, you tie it into your autoresponder system and when people come to the page it prefills in their information with their facebook information.

Why is this important?

For a few reasons. When someone lands on your optin page,

The don’t have to fill in their details, it detects their facebook details and fills it in!

Because it does this it give you a GREAT email for them – an email account you know is most likely their primary email account.

Check out Fbresponse now by clicking HERE.

Now, if you would like to see it in action, go ahead and watch the video below. You will see the page that I set up and how it works!

To look at the page I did, click on the link: http://fastwebsites.fbresponse.com/

If you have any questions please feel free to hit the contact me button on this page.

I definitely give FB response 5 stars (i’m using it!)  I hope you enjoyed my review fbresponse!

We are back again with another issue of ‘Turning Your Knowledge Into Profits’ ...

Here’s How To Cash In On Your Voice In Your Spare Time – And Have Fun Doing It!

Do you know you have a great voice and wish you could monetize it? Are you already in radio or news broadcasting and you would like to use your credibility to make more money with that amazing voice you have?

This post is dedicated to a news reporter who connected with me recently.  He wanted to know abut other ways that he could monetize his voice and broadcasting experience.  He contacted me shortly after I had just helped a student of mine find a voice-over person to do some of his radio commercials.  And I helped another student to find a voice over talent to record a promotional video for his website. Anyway, I wanted to give this newcaster some great resources, and I know there are a lot of you out there that could benefit from this as well.

My first experience in making money with my voice was when I was in high school.  I did a radio commercial for a flea market called the 45th street flea market in West Palm Beach, Florida.  My lyttle sister Lorette has never let me live that one down and still refers to me as the voice of the flea market!

Now, I have no problem speaking, doing interviews, commercials, but there are many people out there who are not confident speakers, or who just feel that they don’t have a voice, tone or just the desire to use their voice for promotions, products, etc.  So, they look to hire voice talent to do the job for them!

So keep reading if:

You are interested in using your voice to make money

You are interested in hiring voice talent to do promotions, or record products for you

There is a market for everything and for those gifted with rich, resonating voices, careers in radio broadcast,  and news reporting can monetize their voice!  Talented voice over artists have many possible venues for finding work, from short term gigs like those done on Fiverr, to longer projects like work offered on Elance, Guru and Odesk.  Here’s a little breakdown of the type of work your dreamy, dulcet tones could land.

www.fiverr.com – These micro-job sites allow sellers to offer small jobs for $5.  Can you do a great impersonation of Borak, sing happy birthday like Sinatra, or do a perfect Charlie Brown voice?  What about voice-over work for a commercial, promotion, etc.  Offer a short project and earn a little extra cash.  Of course when you grab a client here they can become a long term client for other jobs.   Here a great example:

www.voices.com/find/jobs – Sign up for free, create your online profile, and submit your audition online.  All the work is done online, and you can request payment via paypal or by check.  A streamlined process makes it easy to get work, find new jobs, and stay in touch with your favorite companies.

www.elance.com – a site where employers look for people to fill their micro-job needs, like a reverse from Fiverr, the employers draft the job and list the budget for the job, and potential candidates bid on the opening.
www.Odesk.com – Odesk is a popular site, similar to elance.com and guru.com, but where most providers perform their services at an hourly rate.   This is another great site to have yourself available as voice talent!

Check with local advertising agencies and radio stations– often times these businesses are in need of fresh voices to use in their advertising, the more vocal variety these agencies have to promote, the greater their client list is.  More variety always attracts more business.

Smart Supply and MessageBroadcast – hire vocal actors to do voice-over work, they are voice marketing companies, so their focus is on voice-over, often for Fortune 500 companies.

Contact publishing houses – many books are available in audio format and they need people with the right timbre to record their books.  If you are bi-lingual, there is a huge demand for audio books in Spanish.

Recording studios – they often are contacted by marketing companies for demos of voice over artists, this is a quick way marketers can vet the good from the bad and keep their search for the right voice quick and affordable.

There are many opportunities to use your voice to make a living.  The more versatile you are, the more work you’ll be able to get, so see if you are able to do a realistic accent or if you can develop a certain tone.  Always know that the voice may get you there, but practice on delivery.  Many advertising spots have a certain number of seconds for a message to be delivered – make sure you can hit the timing mark clearly and effortlessly.

Now I’ll end this post with a Youtube video from a fiverr voice over superstar!  Watch Mese’s video:

Now go out and make some money with that voice! And as always – talk to me.. if you have any questions or comments please post them below!

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productivity, time management

For Christmas many many years ago, my friend Alex Mandossian sent us a timer as a gift.  In the card he sent along with it he said one of the most useful tools he has is a timer.  He went on to explain how chunking your time and setting a timer becomes a great productivity tool.

I’ve used a timer ever since, and in today’s Tuesday’s Tips & Tools we are featuring a free timer that runs on your computer.  You can find it at e.ggtimer.com This tool is a very simple timer that allows you to chunk your time just by typing the amount of minutes or hours you would like in the box on their page:

productivity, time management

So, how have I used this tool?

I like to organize my time so that I don’t spend all day on one task.  For example, if I am checking email, I will set the timer to 15 minutes, and I will just spend 15 focused minutes on email.  Then I’ll reset the timer for 45 minutes to work on my next blog post.

In addition to using this countdown timer, I will write a list of the tasks I would like to accomplish.  Then i will write down a time that I would like to allocate to that task, next to each task.  I will then plug each one into the e.ggtimer.com to keep myself accountable and on time, and I will then cross off that task and time time I spent on it, and move to the next one.

I am guilty of being a serial multitasker!  I multitask like crazy…. and we’ve all heard that multi-tasking can be very inefficient.  Using a timer helps me to avoid multitasking and allows me to focus on one task at a time for a specific amount of time.

Enjoy this free countdown timer and let me know how you are using it in your life!



Today we are going to talk about turning your knowledge into profits by using a site called Clickbank.  First let me start by saying if you have any digital product that you would like to sell online, the clickbank marketplace is an excellent place to list that product.  We have used clickbank since 2003, and my sister Lorette, and her team, have put at least 205 products in clickbank for ourselves and our clients since 2005! There are three big reasons why I love clickbank.

Reason #1: The money!  They collect the money, they pay you, they pay your affiliates, they process any refunds.

Reason #2: The affiliate network.  They have a massive affiliate network of over 100,000 active affiliates.  Affiliates are always looking for hot products to promote that are in clickbank.  You’ll make sales by other people promoting your products, without you even asking them to promote it.

Reason #3: Trust.  People trust clickbank.  It has secure and reliable payment processing (accepting credit cards and paypal), no hassle refunding, excellent customer service, great fraud prevention, accurate commission reporting and they have never been late on a payment in their history!

So what do you need to know?  If you have a digital product you will need to create the sales page, delivery page, and you’ll need to have some components in there that clickbank requires such as a 60 day guarentee.  Before we get into the finer details, lets look at the images below from top to bottom, to get a sense of what clickbank.com has to offer you!




































Before you can get started as a ClickBank vendor, there are several things you’ll need to have available. By using the checklist below, you can easily check to be sure you have everything we require, as well as some additional resources we recommend to help you be more successful.


__  Your digital product, in a format that is accessible by people using different operating systems and software. For example, not everyone has Microsoft Word on their computer.  We always put everything like this in a pdf format.

__  Your own domain name. ClickBank does not allow you to use subdomains on another site, such as http://yourproduct.blogspot.com.

__  A Pitch Page and Thank You Page for your product. For more information on requirements for these pages, see Get Started as a Vendor.  If you need easy software to help you check our Optimize Press.

__  Website hosting for your Pitch Page and Thank You Page. ClickBank does not provide hosting for these pages, and you cannot use free hosting services that merely assign you a subdomain.  So we recommend that you get a domain name at www.domaindiving.com and hosting at www.gatorhostingonline.com (use coupon code Goldenhosting to save $)

__  Customer support. You must be able to provide timely customer support when needed, such as offering support to customers on using your product, or responding to return requests. See Customer Support Ticket System for more information.


__  An Affiliates page. This is a page on your site where you provide additional information, images, resources, and more to potential affiliates to help them promote your product. For more information on creating a great Affiliates page, see Attract More Affiliates.

__  A Marketplace Listing. While technically optional, we highly recommend that when creating your ClickBank product, you include a Marketplace title and description so your product can be listed in the Marketplace for affiliates to find and promote. This is the easiest way to start generating sales for your product. See Get Started as a Vendor for more information.

__  A Vendor HopAd. Technically, you create this after your product has been approved. However, we highly recommend that every vendor create at least one as soon as their product goes live. These can be a great way to increase your sales and get more exposure for your product. See Creating Vendor HopAds for more information.

So, register at Clickbank by clicking HERE and use them to help you … Turn Your Knowledge Into Profits!

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My sister Lorette and I completed a Teen Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Jamaica.  It was sponsored by Camp Millionaire which is a summer camp for teenage entrepreneurs.

Anyway, there were some amazing teens in the room (as well as some great adults who snuck in).   I interviewed two of the kids and here are interviews.  These kids are adorable.

I’ll keep you updated as they continue to work on the webpages they started in class!


I’m not sure why this kid looks like he thinks I’m going to bite him!  He just couldn’t wait for the interview to be over… you can tell he’s saying to himself ‘This chic talks way too much’   lol


Post a comment giving these great kids some encouragement!

To register for Camp Millionaire

Email-  campmillionaireja@gmail.com

Call-  588-4902


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Hello ladies, I am going to be speaking at an event called Pure Women Connect in Austin, Texas.  I just did an interview with the co-founder of the group, and it’s at the bottom of this post for you to listen to! Here is a video talking about my being at the event:


Here is the interview I did with the co-founder Heather Ann Dueease:

Click here to listen to the interview!

To join us at this event, Please click HERE

coupon code, coupons, business coupons, www.businesscouponclub.com

In this week’s Tuesday’s Tips & Tools we are going to talk about Saving Money, Use Coupons!

As small Internet Based Businesses, we need to save money!  If there is a coupon code out there for the product you are about to buy – why not use it!

There are many different ways to search for coupons codes online.  Here are 2 of the ways that I search for coupon codes:

Option 1. Do a google search (store name + coupon) or (store name + coupon code) (store name + promotional code)  So, here’s an example.  Lets say I was looking for a coupon code for overnightprints.com.  I would go to google and type in : overnightprints.com + coupon code

The results you will get will be a list of coupons on the top coupon sites.

Option 2. Or you can go directly to a coupon site and search on that site for what you are looking for.  Here are the top 3 sites that I like to visit:

Here’s an example of what you can expect to see in one of the top coupon sites.  This screen shot is taken from Business Coupon Club -> What I did was I searched for coupon codes for Overnightprints.com and now it gives me a list of active coupons, the coupon codes, and the success rates for those coupons.  Take a look below:

coupon code, coupons, business coupons, www.businesscouponclub.com

To see this page live click HERE.

So, when purchasing something online, search for coupon codes first!

Saving you money,


jing, jing project, screen capture, product creation

In today’s edition of Tuesday’s Tips & Tools we are featuring a screen capture software.


jing, jing project, screen capture, product creation

Every year for the past few years I’ve been saying that Jing Project is my favorite tool of the year!  It’s becuase I use this tool on almost a daily basis!

I use it for:

1. Communicating with my customers
2. Communicating with my staff
3. Creating products
4. Creating video training

Jing has a free version (which includes their ads), but for just $14.95 a year you can upgrade to their pro version to remove those ads (which is what i did).

Click the link below to watch their overview:

Overview Video

Grab Jing and I’m sure you will be as happy with it as I am!

To your success,



Welcome to another edition of Turning Your Knowledge Into Profits!

This week we are going to feature Kunaki.com.  Do you have a product inside you and you wish you could put those videos onto a DVD, or that ebook (or report) on a CD, or that audio onto a CD, without having to order a minimum quantity of 1000 units, or even 100!  What if you just want 5 for the next networking event you are speaking at?

Well, now you can with Kunaki.com .  We have been using Kunaki for years and it’s an awesome resource for making quick Cd’s and Dvd’s.  If you are a speaker, author, infoprenuer, networker, etc.  now’s the time to make your product!

Here a screen shot of 3 of the dvd’s in the Kunaki gallery:


So what do ya get?

Retail quality. Full-color, glossy, fully assembled, cellophane-wrapped, high-quality, retail-ready products with free UPC bar codes.

No minimums, commitments, or contracts. And, no setup, mastering, or hidden charges.

No risk. We send you a free review copy of your product.

Fast and simple. Design, configure, and manufacture in one day. Use our software to design your disc, case, inserts; and select your contents.

Order what you need when you need it. We can drop-ship to any address. Just-in-time production means risk-free, zero warehousing costs.

Automatic fulfillment. Use our XML, HTTP, web service, PayPal, CSV, and manual interfaces to manufacture and ship one or more units to your customers.

Publish at no cost to you. Our automated factory also accepts credit-card orders on your behalf to instantly manufacture and ship your products to your customers. We report sales with customer names/addresses to you and send you a check each month for an amount equal to the quantity sold multiplied by the price you set. (This one is big for those new to infoprenuers)

CD with jewel case includes:

  • manufacturing/assembly
  • full color CD printing
  • jewel case
  • full color 2-panel insert
  • full color tray card
  • cellophane wrapping
  • UPC bar code
  • 24-Hour rush manufacturing
  • all inclusive price



DVD with DVD case includes:

  • manufacturing / assembly
  • full color DVD printing
  • DVD case
  • full color 1-panel insert
  • full color DVD case cover
  • cellophane wrapping
  • UPC bar code
  • 24-hour rush manufacturing
  • all inclusive price


Click here to visit Kunaki.com



Here’s another edition of Turning Your Knowledge Into Profits!

Last week we spoke about making money teaching a course through learnable.com. This week we are going to look at a similar site: udemy.com


Learnable.com and udemy.com are very similar, but I find that on udemy.com courses have a higher pricepoint than on learnable.com

Udemy has some pretty advanced technology, and your courses can be viewed on any mobile device making it a platform that will only grow over time!  You can host a live session, create coupon codes for your course, and much more.   You can keep your course free or you can charge for it if you like. If you sell your course, you keep 80% of all revenue.


If you’re stuck in the product creation process, using udemy.com‘s platform might be the push you need to finally create that digital course you’ve always wanted to create and sell! Often we get stuck at the technical aspects of product creation:

  • How do I build my site?
  • What software do I use to deliver my course?
  • How do I collect money?

If any of these questions have stopped you in the past, I encourage you to take a look at udemy.com has to offer and let me know how it goes for you!

Good Luck, and let me know if you’re going to try it out!  I’ll be on the lookout for your course.

To your success,






In today’s edition of Tuesday’s Tips & Tools we re featuring the must have password tool!


Years ago I was advised by Armand Morin to download this password tool and since then I have not been able to live without it!

Grab it at www.freepasswordtool.com

If you’ve seen me and my pink laptop you know that  I always have my password tool pop up when I’m getting into a site.. and I have over 400 passwords saved in my tool!  Yes 400! I love it because:

  • All My Logins Are In One Place
  • I Entered My Info. Into It So It Fills in forms With a Single Click
  • I Can Access My Account From Anywhere
  • I Feel Completely Secure with Their Protection

Anyway, I love it – if it can help you out – grab it!

roboform, http://www.freepasswordtool.com, password toolP.S. If you are coming to any of my upcoming workshops this is a requirement that you get it as we waste too much time trying to help people get passwords they cant remember and never saved.  = )

learnable.com, training, teaching

Here is your first edition of Turning Your Knowledge Into Profits!

Today we are going to talk about a great place to post your trainings online and make a little extra cash!  Our resource today is : Learnable.com

So what is Learnable?  Here’s their tag line…

Got a passion?

  • Share it at Learnable.
  • Make an online course. It’s an easy way to share what you know!
  • We’ll find the students if you make the course. Deal?

learnable.com, training, teaching

So here’s your BIG question…

How do I make money?

Like this:

  1. You prepare the course and create on their system using the Learnable course tools.
  2. Learnable hosts it and looks after the technicalities behind the scenes.
  3. When a student buys your course, Learnable keeps a percentage of the fee.
  4. The rest of the money goes direct to your Learnable account.
  5. Once it hits $100, you can transfer it to your PayPal account.

To get an idea of course pricing, take a spin through their course catalog.

You (and Learnable) make money from enrollment fees.

In most situations, enrollment revenue is split 50/50 between you and Learnable.

They are also working with “channel partners”—high-traffic web sites who may be interested in promoting some Learnable courses. If a student enrolls in your course via a channel partner, your share is 20%. The 80% is split between Learnable and the channel partner—who in return for promoting Learnable courses to their audience generally ask for a significant part of that 80%!

You aren’t obliged to allow students to enroll via channel partners. If you opt out the split is 50/50 for all enrollments. (but I’d recommend that you don’t opt out of that!)

Pesky expenses like payment processing fees are deducted before you, or Learnable, or partners see any money.


And you are an Internet Marketer so here’s your second question…

Sure. Affiliate links are fine. Just make sure you tell your students whenever you include an affiliate link. For example:

“The sites I’ve linked to and recommended in this course are ones I believe offer real value. Some of these recommendations include affiliate links, which may generate revenue for me.”

Some users get a bit thingy about affiliate links. Tell them up-front, and you’re in the clear: if they don’t want to use an affiliate link, they can type the site’s URL into their browsers themselves.

:-D So check it out -> Learnable.com

To your success,


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Facebook, facebook groups, facebook group, how to set up a facebook group


Yes I said it … I love using Facebook groups in my business, and if you’re not using them yet, you should be after reading this post.

Recently I’ve been using facebook groups more and more!  Here are the top reasons why I am using facebook groups – and why you should consider using them in our business as well.

Right now I have groups for:

  1. My high end coaching and consulting students (closed group)
  2. The attendees of our workshops are in their own group – great for support and follow up! (closed group)
  3. New clients from speaking events (closed group)
  4. Business discussions with partners – I list these as “secret” and they are ideal for posting updates on projects, meeting minutes, and chatting about new ideas, next steps, etc. (secret group)

So what does facebook say about their ‘groups’ feature.. read below:

Create a private space
Have things you only want to share with a small group of people? Just create a group, add friends, and start sharing. Once you have your group, you can post updates, poll the group, chat with everyone at once, and more.
Share different things with different people
Groups let you share things with the people who will care about them most. By creating a group for each of the important parts of your life — family, teammates, coworkers — you decide who sees what you share.
Control who sees your group
Secret: Only members can see the group and what members post.
Closed: Everyone can see the group. Only members see posts.
Open (public): Everyone can see the group and what members posts.
Share with the group
  • Post updates, questions, photos, and more
  • Chat with the group
  • Create shared docs
  • Schedule group events

So, start your own facebook group by clicking the link below to get started: https://www.facebook.com/groups

Watch my quick video below to learn more about setting up your first group:

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Now, what we just covered were the two options to find a team member, someone who will work for you part time or full time.  Now we are going to talk about outsourcing projects or one time jobs.

There are many sites that allow you to post the job you need to get done and people will bid on doing that project for you.

Here’s the list of the sites we use.

1.  http://www.hireonodesk.com

2. http://www.elance.com

3. http://www.guru.com

We recommend that you look at each one and register for them – it’s free.  Then explore which one is best for what you are trying to accomplish.


Ok, now I’m about to reveal to you a site that I’m totally addicted to .. are you ready (drum roll please …. ) ->  http://www.fiverr.com/

Tada!  Now if you use fiverr.com you know why I am addicted! If you haven’t used it before it’s a site that you can use to find jobs that people will do for you for just $5 .  And yes people will do just about anything for $5!

Now, before you go crazy on this site, let me give you a little insight on how I use it effectively.

Ok.. here are the steps:

Step 1: Search for the tasks you’d like to have done.  for example ‘article writing’  Click the search button.


fiverr, fiverr.com. outsourcing






Step 2: Once the results pop up you’ll see the option to sort them by Auto , Popularity, and Ranking.

Fiverr, fiverr.com, outsourcing







Step 3: Sort by Popularity and review the results on the first page, then sort by Ranking and review the result on the first page.









Step 4: Now you can review the people that are ranked the highest for ‘article writing’ and hire accordingly.  Looking at ranking will give you the people that have the best feedback and are really dedicated to delivering good value to their clients.  Everyone will have some negative feedback, so read the feedback, look for a rating of 95% positive or higher and your chances of having success with this person will be very high!








Caution: Fiverr.com is addicting!  I’ve hired people to do all sorts of tasks! I’ve also bought handmade things that they will ship (for an extra fee)  yes mom , that hand painted tile I sent you – that was from fiverr.com!  = )

So, if there are tasks in your business that you know would be better to outsource – do it!  Let me know how it goes by coming back here and posting a comment!  Any questions? … post a comment and I’ll help you = )

To your success,

Alicia Lyttle

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Now that you know you can find people to outsource your tasks and projects to (and we’ll cover this more in-depth in part 3) and you know that you can even have a full time person on your team for a very affordable price, lets look at some of the things you can outsource.

But before you review the list – let me tell you about some unique things we’ve outsourced! 

Handwritten Thank You Cards

One year we wanted to send out thank you cards to every affiliate and customer in our business.  The list was so large that we didn’t want to do it myself and knew we wouldn’t get it done - so we posted a job on www.elance.com for someone to write cards. 

Those that applied scanned in handwriting samples, and we picked the one that we liked the best. Next, we bought cards in bulk from a site called http://www.dollardays.com/, and shipped those over to her along with stamps and an excel sheet of people to send cards to and whala!  People had handwritten cards arriving in their mailbox, and we got lots of “Thank You’s” for taking the time to send them :-)

Welcome Calls to Clients

We have also hired someone to make welcome calls to clients.  For one of our specific projects, we hired someone to call every new client within 24 hours of joining our program.

The purpose of the calls were to give a friendly Welcome call, explain the program to them again and what they can expect and where they can go for support. 

In addition to the Welcome call, we also had her do “check-in” calls at specific times during the program to ensure the clients were progressing and happy with the program.  

When doing a project like this, you can hire the person on a per call basis, therefore you don’t have to spend the extra money for a full time person.  

So, when you are looking to outsource, you can look at it in two different ways

1 – How can you use outsourcing to grow your business?

2 – How can you use outsourcing to stand apart from your competition?

Now lets look at some other tasks that you can outsource….

63 Tasks That You Can Outsource To Help Free Up Your Time to Grow Your Business For Maximum Profits


1. Target market, obtain a list of companies or individuals, prepare and e-mail/mail preliminary materials.

2. Possible advertising alternatives.

3. Software options: make sure of the compatibility, pricing and accessibility.

4. Quotes for conference facilities.

5. Project schemes and manage the projects from start to finish.

6. New office equipments and supplies and arrange the purchase.


7. Upload blogs and monitor comments.

8. Suggest social media content ideas.

9. Update Twitter profile and followers.

10. Create a Facebook Fan Page for the business.

11. Write or revise endorsement articles and post online.

12. Produce and uphold online contests and giveaways.

13. Research and obtain promotional items.


14. Arrange appointments.

15. Maintain daily calendar.

16. Organize travel reservations.

17. Check voice mail, take action to routing requests and get in touch with clients that have significant messages.

18. Confirm sales for the week.

19. Complete routine paperwork each day.

20. Duplicate files of the computer for safe-keeping and back-up.

21. Order office supplies.


22. Coordinate the hiring of office staff, from writing the announcement, placing the ad, receiving and reviewing resumes, and conducting the initial interviews.

23. Update client to have the annual performance reviews.

24. Confirm references on employment applications.

25. Create quarterly and annual payroll forms.

26. Make tax deposits after each pay period.


27. Transcribe recordings.

28. Transcribe tele-class recordings and email to all participants.

29. Take transcript over the phone, transcribe and prepare the message.


30. Pay online bills and invoices regularly.

31. Settle bank accounts using accounting software on a regular basis.

32. Update clients of impending bill due dates.

33. Prepare and send invoices.

34. Create expenditure reports.

35. Follow up through phone to collect on past due charges.

36. Mail past due notices.


37. Produce and set up employee and project manuals.

38. Organize survey to get responses regarding customer satisfaction.

39. Organize survey and tally the outcome following an event.

40. Create a PowerPoint presentation with an outline of diagrams and charts.

41. Encode handwritten meeting notes or minutes.

42. Type, edit, print and send messages on client letterhead.

43. Layout and check reports and documents.


44. Check website traffic, ad placements and suggest modifications.

45. Process subscription requests.

46. Make adjustments to update client website.


47. Sort incoming e-mails.

48. Reply to routing requests.

49. Forward important items.

50. Update e-mail while client is on vacation or on business trip.

51. Update the client on how to utilize their email software program effectively.


52. Collect and review postal mail.

53. Process, prepare and mail orders.


54. Send proposal letters to new potential clients.

55. Send standard marketing resources.

56. Update marketing program for results and alterations.

57. Confirm database via phone prior to arranging a direct mailing campaign.

58. Encode collected business cards into the in-house database.

Desktop Publishing

59. Design & prepare membership certificates.

60. Design and prepare flyers and handouts.

61. Design and print or order business cards.

62. Design and print brochures.

63. Prepare and send a periodical newsletter with client-provided materials.

This list is courtesy of:



~ Alicia

P.S. Of course any of these tasks that you outsource to your virtual assistant… you could offer that same service to your clients and your virtual assistant performs the service for the client on your behalf!

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In 2003 I learned the art of outsourcing from my sister Lorette Lyttle, and I’ve been addicted ever since.  In today’s blog post you will learn where to find people to outsource to and to start building your team, how to outsource projects, and how to outsource small tasks.  So, lets get started!


So a great place to find people to outsource your work to is in the Philippines.   There are two ways you can outsource to the Philippines.

Option #1: You can find someone to work for you by going to the “monster.com’ of the Philippines which is http://www.bestjobs.ph/

You can find some excellent people here – but a word of caution -> you will be hiring and managing these people yourself!  This can be extremely challenging if you have never outsourced before, if you are unfamiliar with the culture of the Philippines or are not sure on how to train your new team member – this option can be a bit challenging!  if you are good at outsourcing and good at managing your team – then this would be a good option for you to explore.

Option #2: You can use a company that you hire and manage your team through.  The most respected company doing this is: http://www.hire123employee.com Read their website.  Basically they manage and train your team member for you.  They give you the tools to monitor that person, there is a manager responsible for the activities of that person and they all report back to you!  You’ll feel more in control, there is a lot less hassle and stress when doing it this way, and you’ll get some experience in outsourcing and working with a team member.  I recommend this option to anyone new to outsourcing, but as you’ll notice on their webpage, large companies, small businesses and home based businesses use this company.

Tomorrow we will discuss how to outsource projects.

To your success,

~ Alicia Lyttle

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Alicia Lyttle - World Internet Summit

Right now I am sitting in the back of the room at the World Internet Summit writing this post. I just got off stage with the Speaker introductions (see picture below)…wow, I feel really short right now! :-)

Alicia Lyttle - World Internet Summit

Alicia Lyttle – World Internet Summit – Speaker Introductions

At the World Internet Summit, they do something called the WIS Internet Challenge – they create a product and launch it during the event to show people that you really CAN make money on the Internet.

They ask for everyone (including the speakers) to promote the product and one lucky audience member keeps the earnings. Really creative idea and people love it!

The product that was launched at this event is called Facebook Site Creator. World Internet Summit launches a product at every event and then gives the sales from that product to one lucky person… and the lady who won this year – won over $45,000.00

How amazing!  Make sure you are at the next World Internet Summit.

~Alicia Lyttle


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I’m presenting at ‘Everyday Online Immersion’ this weekend. Read more about it here:
http://tinyurl.com/nitroseminar The VIP code to get it for just $97 is –> vip97 –> JOIN US!! By the end of your “Everyday Online Entrepreneur Immersion Weekend Webinar” you’ll know EXACTLY How to Get #1 Rankings in Google so New Customers Can Find You!”
Thanks to Don Osborne & Gina Gaudio-Graves for the invitation!


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Yes, today April 22nd is Earth Day!  Before I embraced Internet Entrepreneurship I was a professional ‘tree hugger!’ Really it’s true! I’ll post my complete bio here one day but I have my undergrad in Earth Sciences and in Environmental Studies and my Masters of Science in Environmental Health from Tulane University and I’m finishing up my PH.D. from the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan.

Anyway, today i am dedicating my Earth Day to a place i love dearly – Zimbali Retreats www.zimbalijamaica.com This place gets my dedication today as it’s a retreat that’s completely off grid.  That means that their electricity is solar powered, their hot water is heated by a solar hot water heater, their water is harvested and filtered rainwater, their drinking water is from a local spring…..amazing!

Most of their food is grown right at the retreat on their organic farm and is often cooked outside on a wood burning fire.

It’s an amazing place and getting back to nature has helped me to clear out negativity, balance my inner self, and focus on some inner healing.

I am truly grateful for this opportunity to address the balance in my own life.

I cannot speak highly enough about this place, the staff and the owners Mark & Alecia.

Now the only problem I had when I went to the retreat for the first time, was that I couldn’t turn off my marketing head… so of course I made the owners shoot some videos that i could upload to their channel!

So watch their new welcome video:

What did you think of the video?

So, if you are suffering from “nature-deficit disorder” – which so many of us computer geeks are, make plans today to find a place like Zimbali Retreats where you can get back to nature!

So tell me, what are you going to do to get back to nature?